Need QCharts SDK help!

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  1. Hello,

    i wanted to check out the QCharts/QFeed SDK for a long time.
    Unfortunately, Lycos/ does no longer provide the SDK
    actively to its customers. They have a remark on their site they want to review its current policy...
    However, the SDK is available from and all you need
    is a standard QCharts subscription to run your own app.
    The only problem is that the SDK package is a password protected wise installation package.
    I seem to have no possibility to obtain the password (which is the same for all users - password only for program installation) from, but i know that some of you have "subscribed"
    to the SDK earlier when was still marketing it.
    So, if anyone could help me with this installation password, I would be really grateful (it has nothing to do with your subscription username + password..., just a protection that not everybody uses the SDK).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jaba122


    Did you find that password already?
  3. I think this is the link to what Sascha was talking about the suspension of the developers program:

    I would be EXTREMELY cautious about providing Sascha an installation password.

    Thus, I highly recommend you do not supply anybody with passwords until you check with or Mike Condra (more info below).

    Before doing such, call technical department and ask about security/privacy issues or visit the unsponsor mIRC live-realtime QCharts chat room at

    during market hours to talk to a QCharts rep name Mike Condra (he deals with account issues including register QCharts/QFeed user issues...more importantly...he deals with SDK issues with QCharts).

    Or contact QCharts (they usually respond within the week via email).

    Note: If your having trouble getting a hold of Mike Condra...let me know.

    Nihaba Ashi
  4. Jaba122


    Yes, I agree 100%, that was my only reason for asking. I know that you have to usually sign a non-disclosure agreement, or similar. Thanx for posting this.

  5. A common statement from Lycos would be very helpful ..
    because they also ignore all SDK email inquiries.
    It´s like flying in waiting loop .. the question is,
    when the gas is out .. and software developers
    switch to other data vendors

  6. hello guys,

    before this thread exceeds 10x its estimated length at creation,
    first: unfortunately, i was not able to get the password from any source. therefore, any claims of potential copyright infringements are useless. and yes, i have already switched to other data vendors (RealTick + TrackData, who both provide an SDK).
    i hope will re-open their API access one day in the future, because the service itself seems now stable and fast.
    there are more important topics to discuss, i think this thread could die now.