Need professional program for advertising internet-projects

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  1. Anybody can recommend me links for download professional software for advertising internet-projects?
    It's really important to me. Please, help.


    P.S. Also I need for ad software that able break captchas, able mass posting, able sort sites by Google PageRank (PR) and others. By the way, I'm interested in any scripts to work whith Google AdSense, Google AdWords.
  2. If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a freelance auction software script. There are many websites that sell these. Just doing a quick google search turned up this website:

    There are many more. Just search "freelance auction script".
  3. andread


    You need a software to break captchas and mass post?
    I have never seen a spammer posting on a trading board. Dude, I honestly think it's better if you give your "advertising" up. You are not really starting in the best way. Besides, captchas can't be broken.

    oh, by the way: I'm not sure if this post violates some rules at ET, bust please don't delete it. This thing is so cool :)
  4. No, that would never happen around here.

  5. andread


    well, there are spammers who post to spam of course, but this guy is posting because he wants help to spam. I find it quite entertaining