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    I am currently a very small e-local at the CME(previously broker for 3 years there) and have been trading for about one year. I am trading my own money and now that I have actually become a decent trader I barely have any capital left(you have to learn some how). The problem is I know now the more advanced software and support systems are found in the prop shops, but when I send my resume they seem uninterested because of my background at the exchange. How can I at least get an interview to show people I am not the stereotype they may presume I am...I feel like I have a scarlet letter on my chest.
  2. I'm sorry that you are going thru this. Your experience presents a special problem many of the prop shops currently hiring. Your experience, as successful as you might be right now, presents "baggage" that many times must be retrained out of your system before you can "fit in". Many props have reviewed the resumes and statements of experienced floor traders, hired them and then had them blow out very quickly because of aggressive behavior and lack of risk control.

    You will want to emphasize that you have been successful trading on the screen. Further, you might want to explain that although you have a successful trading methodology, you are very receptive to training and ideas at the firm. Highlight those processes or attributes that you will not need to learn on their risk dollar.

    Good luck.
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    Have you tried actually sending your current trade records along with your resume?
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    Thanks for replying...I haven't been including my records with my resume(I guess I had better start), but in my cover letter I elude to the changes and progress I have made in my trading style since I first started and these are reflected clearly in my statements. I recently had an "informative meeting" at a firm and brought all my statements and was kind of surprised when the interviewer expressed that he thought I should be in and out of the market more and should trade bigger size. I don't usually trade very much between 11am-1pm central (the ES) because statistically I don't have much success during those hours. I also trade pretty small because I think it's appropriate for my account size and experience. I thought I was doing the right thing by being more selective about my trades, but should I be scalping all day instead? What are the majority of these firms looking for? What do you think? Thank you 4xxxx