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    Hey all,

    I work with -- we're a new kind of financial service company. If you're looking for options and stock data, we've got it. We have every trade and quote from 2003 through today, and we make it available in just about every way you can think of:

    Historical Data -
    * 1-minute, 15-minute, end-of-day intervals
    * Calculations: IV, greeks, realized volatility, term structured implied volatility for each underlying -- what the VIX measures for S&P 500 options, we measure for every stock.
    * Every option and stock trade

    Live Data -
    * Web services
    * Real-time excel spread sheet
    * Real-time scannable options database
    * Custom scans -- if you are looking for an opportunity to surface, we can scan for it and let you know when it's available.
    * Updating flat files
    * Full, real-time options and stock pipeline.

    Web components -
    * We build and host custom web components for customer websites. Check out what we built for the ISE:

    Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to get it to you at a fair price. Most of our services start at about $300.

    To get a sense of the data we offer, you can watch the video demo of our front-end product, Livevol Pro: All of the data in Livevol Pro is available for direct access.

    You can contact us at or call: 415-200-4536 ext:103

    Good luck trading!

  2. If you mention your site when it is relevant to the conversation, few will object.

    If you post solely to publicize your site, you are violating the terms of service.

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    thanks for the heads up, I just put the name there so it was clear I was part of the company. just trying to spread the word, cheers
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    I don't think there's any issues with this as you are a sponsor, livevol_jason. It seems to me that ET sponsors are explicitly excluded from the "no advertising" code of conduct policy (no. 6). Email the mods if in doubt, but contrary to dagnyt's post, I don't think you did anything wrong.
  5. No he hasn't 'done anything wrong' but this is his third post in 12 hours. If this is done every day and other sponsors do likewise we might as well stop reading the threads... it will be all advertisements.
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    True. I think sponsors should be able to "announce themselves", and three posts for (only one) day is fine by me. But you're right in that sponsors shouldn't be able to "take over" all of ET.

    Maybe the site's owner (Baron) should explicitly define how many promotional threads sponsors can start -- or maybe he already has.

  7. Do you also provide realtime or delayed data for futures otions such as ES optins or EUR options ?

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    We currently have equity and equity options data for 2003 forward. We're in the process of adding futures and futures options, which we expect to bring out in Q1/Q2 of 2010. Thanks for your interest!