Need opinions on new flat panel monitor (19"+)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Old School, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Well looks like I'm in the market for another monitor.

    I was running 2 NEC Multisync 1830 LCD 'till one dies last week.
    Given how cheap monitors are these days, I'm just going to buy another (or 2).

    So my Q:

    Budget: $100-$200
    Type: 19"+ LCD flat panel
    Brand: As long as it has a warranty and the specs, I don't care.

    Open to suggestions and thanks again folks.
  2. Samsungs are good too.
  3. There are a number of 19", monitors at just below $200. All are very similar, so pick ones with 3-year warranty and good average reviews at Newegg. (If you buy widescreens, you might need a new video card.)
  4. Sorry, $100 is not the 'market value' for a 19" flat panel.

    Here's a review

    At anandtech or one of the other tech sites, you can find out which monitors use which panels and the difference between the various panel technologies.
  5. I said, 100-200
    read please
  6. There really are not any "different panel types" at this price... they are all of the cheapest TN variety.
  7. EIZO

    lesson over..........
  8. The guy said he was looking in the <$200 range. You can maybe get a hood for an Eizo monitor for that.
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