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    Hi everyone! I am new to trading, as i have only been at it for a little over a month. I am demo trading right now until i find a strategy that works for me consistently. I've so far had some really good weeks and some really bad weeks, and am i ever finding out the mental toll a bad week can have even with a demo account.

    Anyways, my question is about FXDD.... Are they a good honest broker? And would a live account really be just like my demo account? Oh by the way, i have the FXDD trader and did not download the Metatrader program they have. It seems ok to me, but i would like more experienced opinions on this particular platform
  2. I am also interested in FXDD. I have heard good things and seen them listed with ECN's but they are apparently not really an ECN since their web site features a big picture of their trading floor.

    I'm not sure what the advantage of trading with them is.
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    check out there video on there website. they won't trade against you they offer straight thru process. ive been with them for about 9 month's very good broker.
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    I have been with them for about 4 months and never had any problem. They have fixed and narrow spreads and I have not noticed any price inconsistences compared to esignal data. All my orders have been executed without any problems.
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    Thanks! I'll go check out the video.
  6. sccz97


    you obviously don't monitor the prices 24/7 wrt other brokers or the ecns, when the market is quiet sure the prices are fine. When the market is volatile the prices go all over the place but seeing as this is another first-poster lavishing praises on a retail fx broker why would I have expected anything different
  7. lite


    why is that i have to fill out "w-8bcn" to open an account with FXDD?

    i don't have to if i open an account with FXCM or FXsol.
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    email them and ask them. see what they say.
  9. Thanks for that. I am considering them also. I am fixated on the streight thru processing. The ones most pushed on here, oanda and ib both have "stp", but low leverage.

    Does any one here,(that has an account with fxdd) have a complaint about them?

    I haven't found 1 in my searches.


  10. One who trys to use the # of posts one has, to discredit his statement, must have nothing else inteligent to say.
    How do you know he's not a valued member of another site with 500-1k posts and one of the most viewed threads?
    And just decided to add his experiances, seeing how he has an account with them.

    I dunno, mabe I'm wrong.:p

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