need one say more, Treasury's Geithner says US recovery better than expected th

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  1. lol what more proof do you need that the whole mkt is involved in huge conspiracy. everythig from the top down is better than expected
  2. as little as 6 months ago we were expecting great depression 2. not going to happen. that would qualify as better than expected.
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    Selfcentered Geitner was speaking of his own personal economic situation. He and his friends are making a killing at our expense.
  4. so if a company earned $4 in 2007 and the stock was $60. in 2008 they earned 50 cents and the stock fell to $15. in 2009 "expectations" are for 90 cents yet the stock is back to $55 and then do $1.40 thats better than expected right?the problem with this mkt is many stocks are back near all time highs with 1/3 the earnings of 2007 and having better than expected earnings is taking them to all time highs.. its just getitng old hearing better than expected used a million times
  5. one should never try to trade on the fundamentals. they seldom make sense.
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    Bubble :D
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    That's true, they don't make sense but if the E doesn't catch up to the P a wicked correction occurs. Fundamental Analysis (or any analysis for that matter) is more art than science but with the passage of time earnings do matter and history does count.

  8. maybe the smart money has figured out that the e will more than catch up.
    consider this. last year the market became convinced that we were heading into a depression. companies downsized to withstand a depression. costs were cut and excess people were laid off. now we know a depression is unlikely but companies are lean and mean. what happens to those companies bottom lines if we actually have a nice recovery?
  9. How can we have that recovery when all the people who were laid off have no money to spend?
  10. most american companies serve a worldwide market. in this case a weak dollar is a bonanza to them.
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