Need OHLC for ES 10/6/2003

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  1. I'm not sure if eSignal Daily chart is showing the correct OHLC for ES. Here are the values I have for 10/6/2003:
    Open: 1033.50
    High: 1035.00
    Low: 1026.25
    Close: 1034.25

    I'm not sure if the LOW is being reported correctly since according to my 60 minute chart, the Low is 1027.00 for today.


  2. 1027 1035 1026.25 1033.5
  3. Thanks CP. What charting program are you using?

    Can an eSignal user also post his/her numbers OHLC for ES?

  4. dloomis514

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    eSiganl tells me

    o 103350
    h 103500
    l 102625
    c 103450

    on es z3
  5. What's up with that? How come eSignal's data is not matching the others?
  6. Could someone post the OHLC for YM and NQ as well.


  7. dloomis514

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    nq z3
    o 138550
    h 138850
    l 137050
    c 138550

    ym z3
    o 9574
    h 9594
    l 9529
    c 9573

    from esignal
  8. Something strange is going on here. If we are all getting this data from eSignal, why is it not the same?

    Esignal ESZ3 Daily Bar
    Open 1027.00
    High 1035.00
    Low 1026.25
    Close 1033.50

    Esignal NQZ3 Daily Bar
    Open 1375.50
    High 1388.50
    Low 1370.50
    Close 1386.50

    Esignal YMZ3 Daily Bar
    Open 9574
    High 9576
    Low 9568
    Close 9574
  9. dloomis514

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    I was reading my data form the cursor window on a daily chart of es z3 , nq z3 and ym z3 for 10/6/03

    Did you use the es z3=1 or =2 or from the quote window by any chance?
  10. Using Ensign with eSignal data. I got the OHLC data from the cursor window on a daily chart (the 10/06/03 bar) of each contract. I'm not sure what "es z3=1 or =2" means.
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