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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by qwert, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. qwert


    i need help with ninja traders auto trading program creator.
    would like to create a automated trading program to use the stochastics fast for es futures.

    simple 20 line cross over is a buy and 80 cross down is a sell. with 2 point stop loss and 4 point price objective. it would also have to reverse to short on a 80 line cross down if 4 point isnt met.

    to be used with a 300 tick chart. also how do u designate the fast and slow line speed.?

    can a program u create be used with the simulator and real moey trading. i looked at ninja traders self program for auto trading and i dont get it. how long did it take u to figure it out?.

    i used the ma crossover on the simulator for days straight with all the setting i could think of and time frames and it averaged a loss of 1k an hour. plus it would end up with more than one contract when u wanted just one and wouldnt reverse
  2. If you were able to reverse that, you may have found the holy grail!
  3. :)
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    You can post support questions in the NinjaTrader support forum and/or you can attend our Introduction to NinjaScript Strategy Development training webinar, you just missed the last one a few days ago but we will hold another one in a few weeks.
  5. Two suggestions:

    1. Use the Wizard - it's easy
    2. Backtest your system on at least 10 years of historical data