Need new floor mat - tired of plastic ones

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  1. Can anyone suggest a good site to get a floor mat that is not the cheap, plastic ones sold at Office Max or Staples?

  2. I was thinking glass mat is the way to go. Do you recommend that particular site?
  3. Let's see...

    $180 glass mat... or

    $22 plastic mat from Costco... with lifetime warranty... to be replaced free every 2 years when it cracks...

  4. Bob111


    the first question should be-what type of floor do you have?

    i have hardwood and those clear ones from office depot are look fine to me after at least 4 years of heavy usage. no cracks or any other damage.

    delivery was fun. it was free an i order 3 mats. they arrived ....on 18 wheeler! in small residential neighborhood. :)
  5. Carpeted floor.

    Plastic mats eventually crack so looking for something better.
  6. Bob111


    change the floor. it's cheap and easy DIY. specially with laminate.
    when i was living in the place with carpet-i did exactly what Scataphagos proposed. well.. maybe a bit buy a mat at local staples(made by\for staple)-use it. when it's crack-buy another one and return old one using fresh receipt from staples :p
  7. Just looking for a new mat, not a new project. LOL

    ET continues to provide excellent feedback.
  8. Syprik


    Maybe consider a quality medium pile persian rug that'll help tie the room together. Cut up old plastic protective mat so it's a bit smaller than persian rug footprint, thus completely hidden, but more supportive for casters. You never know,

    If you have very high grade carpet, shouldn't need a plastic/glass cover. I did this for years before ripping it out and putting in Walnut. Casters never left permanent mark/divot in carpet.
  9. Think outside of the box.

    Install cables from ceiling and hang your chair.

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