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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Predictor, Nov 28, 2001.

  1. Hello everyone! Just a simple question. I need to purchase a new computer, I want to run multiple monitors, not sure how many 2 or more (win 2000). Can anyone suggest a reliable computer place, that has build computers for traders before. Dell, Gateway, etc.. do not install more than one video card. Really appreciate all replies.

    Thank you
  2. you go to and then click on the "Trade Station/Computer" link (last link in the 5th column - middle of the page). That will take you to a page that lists several computer makers that build systems for traders.

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    do you know how very very easy it is to install a video card?!
  4. Do you know if it is better to have multiple single video cards on Win 2000, or have one quad card (colorgraphic). I have heard that more cards take up more memory, but with RAM being so cheap, could get 512 mb, with no problems. Each PCI video card is $35, one quad card is $500.

    Please let me know, thank you.
  5. Predictor,

    Dell will install Matrox G450 dual on workstations. Not sure why they won't on PC's. Anyway it's pretty simple to plug extra cards in with win2000. I read somewhere that xp won't work if you add too many new cards, monitors etc.
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    Don't bother with dual processor systems..most software can't take advantage of such a config. You are wasting your money. Buy the sweet spot...single processor 1600 athlon...forget Intel..2 expensive & AMD kicks its a$$!!

    Cheapest most cost-effective systems...BUILD YOUR OWN!

    EASY&CHEAP...get used 2 it....PLUG&PLAY!

    Even a moron can plug in circuit boards! NO brainer! DUH!

    U dont need dell!! :) (if u got at least 2 neurons connected by a dendrite)