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  1. i'm with a decent good big name broker.

    but i'm tired of them and customer service issues.

    so, please help me with a good broker

    my needs:

    upper 6 figs account
    etf and equites 90% of the time
    commisions and platfom factors in decision making.

  2. Check out Cobra Trading. I just switched and love their Customer Service and fees are definitely competitive.
  3. moarla


    for what you need a customer service????
    you are trading ......
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    You got to be joking!

    I recently switched brokers and I looked at Cobra before I did.

    Cobra has one of the highest commisions out there.

    $7.99 a trade (I can get that at Etrade)

    Or .004 per share (IB's highest rate of .0035 is lower than Cobra's lowest rate)

    The broker I am at now costs .001275 per share for 4 million shares a month. That's $5,100 a month in commissions, at Cobra it would cost me $16,000 a month. That's almost an extra $11,000 a month in commissions at Cobra, for what?
  5. IB has the lowest commission rates I could find and they are especially low for huge volumes of trading. As I have mentioned in other posts, if you are really concerned about getting "interest" on your funds (which you should'nt really give a damn about with trading such a large account), then put a portion of your funds into preferreds and investment-grade corporate bonds.
  6. Maybe HE is in Cobra customer service...hmmm
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    Efficient Executions has lower rates than IB, as I stated in my previous post.
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    You need Forex broker or Forex platform?

    Example for Forex platforms are GCItrading, Easy-forex, GFTforex, Metatrader4, and many others.

    "Forex Brokers" are Traders who have "forex trading firm" and they trade forex daily using "forex platforms".

    Broker: A broker, a single person, or the brokerage firm completes any necessary legal paperwork, obtains the appropriate signatures, and collects money from the purchaser to give to the seller. Since the buyer and seller are employing the brokerage to complete the deal, the brokerage may collect a portion of the money obtained. In some cases, a brokerage receives money from both parties. In others, the brokerage receives a commission only from the seller.

    Trading platform: It is the software which provides you with access to market information and allows a trader to receive and send information in order to place orders.
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