Need NASD licenses

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by FastandFurious, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. well I need to get NASD licenses but I do not know a firm that can sponsor me. I am interested in the 7, 63,65, 55. How do you recommend about getting these licenses. I really don't want to trade, I just need a sponsor and somewhere to hold it. Is there any firms that I can put some money down and sponsor me?
  2. Why do you want the licenses? The 66 combines the 63 and 65, fyi. I have them all and they're boring as hell to study for and worthless unless you want to be a broker. Even if you do want to be a broker, I would go the OTC route, as that is where all of the growth seems to be these days, especially in energy.
  3. well i want to work for a big institutional bank such as JP Morgan.
  4. EEUT84


    they will sponsor you (obviously). if you're thinking that you'll be a better candidate for hire because you'll already have the licenses, that's probably not the case.
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    I had my 7, 63, 55 and 25 (NYSE floor lic), but they all expired earlier this year... do I have to take all of these over again?