Need Intra Day Data and Back Testing System

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  1. I understand that some of the more expensive options may be a better choice for a final product, but I'm looking for the cheapest set up to start with to find out if I like systems trading.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    I agree. For the money, you get alot.
  3. Yes, but it has a steep learning curve... I own it, don't use it much, maybe will start using it soon.

    Does it allow you to download intraday data off the Internet for free as Ensign does?

    Ensign Internet is only $40 a month, very good for backtesting.
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    Amibroker is the way to go, and in comparing the amibroker language with trade station, the amibroker is so much easier that it isn't even funny, go amibroker and you won't be sorry, plus only a one time fee of I think now $99.00. You can down load end of day data for free and limited intraday from to use. Also there is a bunch of data at for free

    Also amibroker has one of the most prolific and friendly forums that I have see at

    No I do not work for any of the above companies, just a satisfied user.

    Hope that helps
  5. Can you get ES intraday data for free from

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    Yes, go to live charts and use this symbol CME:es02Z

    then you click on "chart" and then "export chart"

  7. Can you use Amibroker for commodity futures? Briefly looked at their site and all I saw for the data feeds looked like stocks. Also, if you can use Amibroker for commodities, is there any place to find end of day intra day data? I won't need this data real time. Hopefully, this would help out with the cost of the data also.
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    As far as I know you can upload any kind of data as long as it is in an acceptable format, like text or csv, it uses some other formats also but am not familiar with them, as to where you can find free commodities data, I don't know but sure there must be some around.

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