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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jalee25, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. jalee25


    hello all,

    i am in need of more inspiration. where can i find journals of people actually trading well ??

    when i mean trading well.... i don't mean. 'YES, I made so and so trading ABC stock!!' i mean something more like 'i took a few hits here and there and made profit there... therefore this is how i did for the week'.

    this is my first thread i'm starting on ET, so thanks ahead for any feedback.
  2. neke, nodoji, and robert weinstein all have such threads that are current.
  3. jalee25


    hi, learn&earn. thanks a bunch for replying. i'm glad someone finally did. i am just tired of people boosting their self-confidence (which is understandable) by always mentioning their good trading days and not their bad. i want to hear about more examples of what good traders really do.

    so where do i find these guys' threads? should i just do a search. thanks, again.
  4. styron


    apex82 in the ES Journal might be what you're looking for. Although he has long since stopped posting.