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    In October 2020, I decided to begin a career transition from a systems administrator to a software developer by enrolling in a Python certificate program at the university.

    My last class will be in August 2021. The the bulk of the class will entail creating a web app, using Python and Django, and deploy it to the cloud.

    I don't want to do the same old cheesy "To Do" list web app. My kid can do that. I want to create something that I can put on my resume as credible substitute for my lack of Python experience.

    The problem is I am still brainstorming...

    This where I could use some constructive input. As a trader, do you find yourself saying, "I wish I could find this or, or I wish this platform had that"?

    I like trading future pairs. So, a possible web app idea is one that calculates the cointegration of two different futures, present the number, along with a graph. Blah, blah, blah.

    Again, nothing fancy in the beginning. Just something that I can present to prospective employers that says, "I know a little Python, and I know a little Django, etc)"
  2. I would go with what you just said. I think you are forgetting that most people have no idea what the cointegration of two different futures even is. It will sound so impressive to someone who has to look that up.
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    Billion dollar app and I mean billion!! Create an app (sound, smell, or sight) that can find the mosquito in the room...