need idea to trade scrips on XETRA(German exchange)

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    It is seen that usually volumes of scrips on XETRA dries up suddenly.Scrips enjoying good trading activity on one bar may not trade for 5 to 10 minutes on next bar.Is it possible to weed out such scrips?Trading terminal has provision of order types of Stop Market Order,Stop Limit Order,Discretionary Order ,Trailing Stop Order , DynaBeat Order , One-Cancels-the-Other Orders,IfDone Orders.Which is best order type for such scrips?
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    see image....Scrip had volumes 2.5times that of 30 period moving average of volumes.And it stopped trades before completion of bar at 19.24.Next trade took place at 19.36.Gap of 12 minutes.

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    Even top gainer of the day has bars with non trading gaps of 2 minutes to 17 minutes.