Need historical intra day charting that dumps to excel

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jim c, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. jim c

    jim c

    Im looking for historical intra day charting that eaisily coverts to excel. I need to be able to create custom indicators on the charts and then take those to excel. The major obstical is that I cant program at all. I need the charting to accept simple "if then" statements with out programming knowledge. In other words if(o>c,o-c,c-o) or something simple like like that.

    Metastock does this but the only choice for intra day data is like 1300.00 bucks. Thomson one is what I use at work and it does this very nicely but it will only keep 30 days of 1 minute data. I dont really need tick data at this point. Ive used e-signal in the past but it requires programming. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
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    There are various methods to access the functionality of Excel between platforms like IB's TWS as well as TradeStation's Platofrm. Both of these vendors have created DLL's which provide access to thir data and charting functions.

  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    If programming was the main obstacle in choosing eSignal, you may want to consider looking at one of our EFS Consultants. They can scope the job after you describe what you're looking for and then provide a price quote.

  4. jim c

    jim c

    Thx for your response. Tradestation requires programming. I need a front end that allows me to say.....(h-l) and then plot this as an indicator. Without any programming skills. Just to get this simple formula into tradestation or esignal how many lines of code would it take?

    Im really wondering. I have no idea. With thomson or metastock its just as simple as.....add new indicator, type in (h-l) and it displays it on the screen.

    Thx for the reply esignal rep. It took me two weeeks just to get signed up to your forum. I finally cancelled. Plus i dont want to have to use a programmer for something so simple. thx for all the responses. Jim
  5. In TradeStation you would "insert indicator" to your chart (in this case "1 line custom") and insert the formula: High - Low

  6. jim c

    jim c

    Wow. Ive heard so much about easy language that i just assumed it would not do this. Just out of curiosity what about something like if(h-o>o-l,o-l,h-o). Is it just that same basic way? I would jump all over it if so. Plus I like the fact that its free with x # of trades. thanks alot! Jim

    Edit. and I assume it will will convert the data to excel without too much trouble?
  7. (1) Create a new indicator and enter the following code. (2) Insert the indicator on the chart.

    if High - Open > Open - Low then
    Plot1( Open - Low )
    Plot1( High - Open ) ;

    As for TS/Excel link, check out this ET thread. I have never personally needed to link TS to excel.
  8. jim c

    jim c

    Thanks alot for your help! I really just need to take OHLC data and any simple indicator I create and put that on an excel spreadsheet. Then that allows me to do my own simple testing. I can say if open is greater than 21 ma and we had three down days buy the fourth day just as an example. I mean i could almost copy and past the data..althought that would be a real pain. Im not really sure if I need it "linked" as i would be only testing historical data not real time. Thnaks again for your help. Jim