Need Historical Closing Prices on the DOW going back to 1900

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cashonly, Nov 3, 2005.

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    I Need Historical Closing Prices on the Dow Jones Industrial Average going back to 1900. I checked, but they only go back to 1967.

    Where can I get it going back to 1900?


  2. Trying to find some clues for a big bear?
  3. Try Yahoo again, I think I got them from there and they go back to the 20s. If you can't find them, drop me a message and I'll send them to you. I'd post them, but I don't have them with me now.
  4. zdreg


    Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns by Elroy Dimson, et al (Hardcover)
  5. Contact the NYSE, Dow Jones Company, Jake Bernstein or Robert Prechter. You should hit pay dirt with atleast one of them.