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  1. Hello I am a trader and a Hedge Fund where we build Automated Systems. We are looking for Tic by Tic or by the second data for the following markets: Forex, Options, and Forex Futures. We are looking for very reliable date and a sample of the data so we can check against our own database. If anyone is or knows a reliable source plesae share.

    Thank you very much!
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    Tick data has good reputation

    <url> </url>

    as well as... the exchanges themselves++
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    thats what i looking for, but who can that pay? just for the dow jones stocks costs me over 8000€:(
  7. Has anyone come across historic options tickdata going back at least 2-3 years?

    I've talked with everyone I can think of (OCC, exchanges, brokers, data vendors, etc.) and everybody says that it doesn't exist. I've heard many explanations, but most people say that storage capacity only recently became cheap enough to store that much data.
  8. Only source is private trading companies; who might sell it starting in the 7 figure category ...
  9. How about historic options end-of-day data going back a few years?

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