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  1. Ok
    I need some advice from a big house broker.
    I am 30 years old with a degree in accounting. Worked 9 years as a cost analyst and a controller before starting my own IR firm, which is doing very well but that's a bore. I've been actively trading for 12 years and have made some nice coin. I'n the last year I have studied series 7.63 and 65 and could pass all of them with ease. I want one day to be a hedge fund trader or work at a big bulge firm. What route should I go.
    First become a stocbroker at a smaller house(I have tons of people that would put in millions at wherever I work) then somehow get to my goal .
    Not sure.
  2. If you really can trade profitably and have financial backers available right now, all you have to do is to form a partnership and trade their money for a performance fee. Why would you want to go to work for someone else ?
  3. These individuals have to be worth over 5 million , correct? An accreditted investor. The millions i am talking about for backing are 250k per person * 30 persons, that wouldn't qualify.
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  5. Don't become a broker. Its sales. At least that is how other traders will see it. It prolly won't help landing a trading job. I know as I did this. The broker job did not help at all (besides, I hated it).

  6. thanks keep the input coming.
    A brokerage offered me a job as a broker,
    hearing you guys maybe i will not take it.
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    You sound just like most of the other guys on this message board...good luck to you.

    If you can make $$$$ trading for yourself just keep at it. Dealing with other peoples money is always a pain.