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  1. I don't understand what I need to live for
  2. athato brahma jijnasa
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    You live for family and friends. The possible opportunities that can come your way, if you make the effort.Doesn't always work out, but that's life Don't give up, don't let the bastards win.
  4. Thanks everybody, I appreciate your time and effort to help me out, theres a saying :You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. the thing is to figure out "do it right" part ,I guess for every individual its a different thing,i just need to find my
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    That you need to decide what you need for yourself. For me i need my family, money.
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    I thought up something 20 years ago to help me find solutions to my life, and it was actually pretty easy. We all can give advise to other people on their lives, usually it is a no brainer. So, when I have a problem, this is what I do. I write a letter but address it to "Sam" and then tell him solutions to his problem. I think of my problems being transfered to "Sam" and now can see a clear solution.

    As far as "do it right", I have never done just about anything right, LOL the first couple times/years. I have done the dumber and dumbest ways of doing life and pretty much didn't learn when I was younger, matter of fact, early on I got to be pretty good at doing the wrong ways of problems for awhile, LOL. Most of the ways I learned how to do something was through some type of bodily harm, ROFLMAO. I now often think the black and blues, concusions, EMS bills, my body figured out before the brain the right way of doing something is going to take the longest initially, but if I try a different way, it is going to take three plus much time to redo and always more expensive.

    It is like the same thing with trading, when young you want to make a huge pile of money, but we don't take into account the risk to get the reward. When I trade I constantly think of the risk, I don't think of the money, that will mess me up. How long have I been in a trade and I have learned so much about why winning trades are profitable, I have learned very little about losing trades, but when I was young, use to concentrate on losing trades, thinking back I believe the brain felt more at ease with losing trades since I spent so much time studying them.
  7. Good one Sam.

    I seem to learn more from mistakes then the inverse. Pain is a better motivator.
  8. One thing that helps is to really find out what your real passion is "work" or money activity- wise. Just this will open up your mind to new ways of being.