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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by mr double, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. opened account at oanda ,have 2 opened trades long silver,trying to close the last one opened,but get a messsage need to close fisrt one opened first,why is that? why i can't choose which one to close first?
  2. the last trade i in profit and i like to take it,first one at a loss,so why i am forced to close it,because it was opened first?
  3. what about other brokers?
  4. Because of Dodd-Frank.

    Don't ask...these are people that do not know of what they do.


    P.S. Sigh.... The idea was to hold US retail Spot Forex dealers accountable for taxes. The industry standards must be established for the IRS to establish Open + Close = Profit/Loss, also to regulate the feed and the positions in the book there must be a standard set. If not there is no way to pin down a dealer...oh I have 250 million in open positions thats why my check was only $40.00 usd this year.

  5. thank you,sir does it mean it only apply to us citizens?
  6. residents...