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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by H2O, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. H2O



    I want to upgrade from 2 to 4 monitors.

    Current Set Up :
    AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    512 DDR mem
    60 GB 7200 rpm HD
    Matrox G550 Millenium DH (AGP)

    I cannot add a G450 DH PCI because they don't work welll together (As I was told)

    So my choises are :
    - 2 new PCI Matrox G450 DH cards
    - 1 new Matrox G200 MMS Quad Card
    - 1 new AppianX Quad card

    Anyone any suggestions, other thoughts ?

    Current memory 512 DDR mem and my G550 has also 64MB DDR mem. so this works fine. If I switch , do I have to look at memory of the videocards ?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. You were told wrong. The drivers are almost the same and that's what really matters for compatability.All Matrox cards work together flawlessly.

  3. H2O


    So you suggest to just add a G450 Dual Head card ?
    ( I believe there's no G550 PCI Dual Head)

  4. The Matrox cards should work ok together. Mixing in the AppianX Quad with the Matrox might give you a bit of a problem though. In any event, make sure you get the lateswt drivers for any of the cards. :)
  5. H2O


    OK, Thanks so far.
    Do I have to look at memory ?

    My main memory is 512 DDR

    My current card (G550 Milenium DH) has 32 MB DDR mem.
    Matrox G450 has also 32 MB DDR
    Matrox G200 MMS has 32 MB (No DDR and this is for 4 monitors)
    AppianX has 64 MB (No DDR and this is for 4 monitors)

  6. gnome


    1. Computer memory is OK
    2. Video memory is OK. As little as 4 mg/monitor is adequate.
    3. You probably should not try to mix Appian and Matrox cards. (Appian uses an ATI driver, I believe). Go with one or the other... and as you already have one Matrox card, that should probably be 1st choice.
  7. alanack


    I run two Matrox cards, an AGP and PCI G450. No problems, use the latest driver from Matrox's site, and make sure you uninstall all other video drivers before installing the one from Matrox. They have an un-installer utility on their website.

    Also see for a large database of multi-monitor setups... cpu, video cards, and problems(if any) are listed.

  8. H2O


    Thanks ,

    I've just bought a Matrox G200 MMS Quad card.
    This way I work with 2 matrox cards, I have the option to add another 2 monitors (for a total of 6) and everything should work fine.

    I also looked at the G450 DH but I cannot add additional monitors and Matrox support toldme there will be differences in colors between the G550 millenium and the G450 (but they are small)

    Now I have the G200 MMS Quad card (I payed $299,- for it , it's a brand new card, but there's a new card from Matrox (G450 MMS Quad) so I got a discount.)

    With this card I can work with my current 4 monitors from the G200 MMS (Without color differences) and if I decide to add more monitors I can use the G550 but I think 4 will be enough my my trading needs.

    Thanks again,