need help with trip to hawaii

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  1. Hello

    Im not an avid traveler, looking to go to hawaii with the Mrs. and I have never been to hawaii.

    where in Hawaii should one go?
    anything one must see or do?
    best place to book a trip to hawaii? (I know there is Orbitz and priceline (love trading that ticker) but any suggestions ? go with travel agent?

    thanks again (Ive been googling away but anyone with any info would be great!)

    Im early 30s and looking to do active things except golf as I do that year aroubd in PHX, AZ
  2. I lived in Hawaii for several years, and of course the answer to your question is 'it depends.'

    My first question to you is, how busy running around do you really want to be? Do you consider a visit to Pearl Harbor a 'must see'? How long will you be there, and are you keen to island hop - spend days on different islands running around trying to take in everything?

    Truth is, the essential beauty of Hawaii is a laid back pace, great weather, and warm tropical beaches. In my view one is better off finding one great beach and chilling out, leaving the tourists to Waikiki, Pearl Harbor etc. etc.

    For a first time visitor I would recommend spending all or the bulk of your time on the Big Island of Hawaii - that's the one with the active volcano. Stay on the Kona coast and make a point of enjoying dinner with a view of the incredible sunsets every night. Rent a car and take a leisurely drive down to where you can see the active lava flows. (You can walk on the cooling lava flows and feel the heat in your soles.) On the drive south there a great things to do on the same day, or another day (its not that long of a drive.) You can park and take a hike to see the green sand beach. Actually the hike is cooler than the beach given you walk past ancient hawaiian ruins make of brick carved of lava rock. Really wild. Also on this route, but closer to town you should really go snorkelling in Kealakekua Bay - this is where Captain Cook made landfall in Hawaii. You can brind your own gear and hike down to the spot (a very steep hike down, and then back up.) Alternately you can get on a snorkelling boat tour that takes people there. I highly recommend just driving there yourself because the spot is simply magical without the crowds. ( Also down this way make a point to visit 'City of Refuge', and bring your snorkel gear. (

    On another day you can drive over Mauna Kea and visit the quaint town of Hilo. The drive itself is beautiful, and can be done at your own pace. If you like scuba, there are some good scuba operators on the Kona coast. There is a famous spot where you can dive with the Manta Rays at night. For scuba divers that is typically considered a 'must do.'

    There are definitely things to see and do on other islands, but there is a trade-off between seeing everything and actually getting any downtime. If you must spend a day on Oahu, the one thing I'd make a priority is to visit Haunauma Bay (

    Oh, and buy a nice Aloha Shirt, and remember to just chill. There really isn't anything 'must' in Hawaii, beyond chillin' out, soaking some rays, and trying to remember why the hell you would want to go back to the mainland.
  3. Kauai is stunning. Rent a Jeep and check out weimea Canyon'l though your proximity to Grand Canyon might Make it less than impressive
  4. I would say pearl harbor is a must see

    thanks so much. I do not feel I will be buying a hawaiin shirt. Im a tourist but not that bad!
  5. Definitely a tourist. Enjoy your visit. Occupancy is crap right now so rates should be great.