Need help with Stockwatch Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by donaldduck3419, May 21, 2003.

  1. I would appriciate if someone could help me set the screener on Stockwatch Pro to find stocks with following characteristics throughout the day on the 3 min chart:

    stochastics should be below 30, and cci should
    be between 5 and 25. Volume 1 mil or more, price above

    stochastics should be above 70, and cci should be
    between -5 and -25. Volume 1 mil or more, price above

    anyone who could do that for, i would be most grateful for. I cannot figure out how to do it myself correctly, i get it wrong when i try to.

  2. Here's the first one:

    CCI[CCI,20,D] >= 5 & CCI[CCI,20,D] <= 25 & Stochastic[StocK,14,3,1,D] < 30 & 65DayAvgVolume >= 1000000 & Bar[Close,D] > 20

    change the "D"s to whatever timeframe you want.

    About the 1mm or more volume-- if you scan thousands of stocks for 1mm or more volume, the damn thing will take 8 hours to complete the scan. You're better off compiling a list of 1mm or more tickers, then pasting that into the scan box. It'll finish more quickly that way.