Need help with San Diego area

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    I know of a well to do trader in LaJolla as well. I have never heard him say anything about crime in LaJolla.

    I have another friend who lived in Mission Peach for quite a while. He owns a home/condo in Pointe Loma now?? (I think that I spelled it correct). He has never had any problems to speak off. Maybe some petty theft. But I never hear him bitch about San Diego.

    Of course, he grew up near me in Detroit so his concept of bad may be a little different than most. But when I visited out there. I did not see much crime or anything I would be worried about.

    What shops are opening up there? Stocks or Futures?
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  2. I lived in Carlsbad for 8 years. Zero crime. Check craiglist for rentals.

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  3. Actually, it all depends how far inland you live. In general, the winters are similar both places.

    Spring/ summer, it is 8 to 10 degrees cooler on the beach. Say high 70's after marine layer burns off, vs high 80's inland. These are aves though (I just looked it up to give an accurate assessment cause I couldn't remember exact values). However, the La Mesa area has LOTS of days in the mid 90's, the coast has none except for the occaisional heat wave. I like both areas, but prefer the cooler weather.

    BTW, winter highs are almost always 60's, but yes, sometimes it gets colder. You never get a freeze. Some people say SD has the perfect weather. I say upcountry Maui does.
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