Need help with San Diego area

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    San Diego is great. I'm originally from northern CA but moved back to SD from NYC for 2 years recently. (I'm now back in NY for personal reasons) .. I'm really only familiar with everywhere from La Holla north to Downtown. (La Holla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Downtown) You really can't go wrong as long as you have decent judgement when finding your place of residence. Also some really good traders live there.
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    ...and i meant north of downtown...:D
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  3. Try...Mt. Helix ----always sunny---never crowded and NO traffic........not the cold, crowded, cloudy shit (12 mths a year) by the beach and very hilly and beautiful----- 10 min. east of downtown and 15 from the beaches as well as 20 min from Mt. Laguna for snow in winter...

    I am In La Mesa,,,,5 mins west of Helix but look forward to moving there when its time to swap our yard for a view....

    besides the sports out here rock for the kids

    im from chitown and spent alot of time in NY----- trust me,
    the people from those places are generally much more sincere than those from Ca. but many many Ca. folks will suprise you and show the meaning of coolness too...
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  4. The nice weather in SoCal makes people think that they are more attractive than they really are. Many of the women there have horse faces, but I suppose that is offset by the plethora of fake boobs and bikinis. Hated Newport Beach, but loved Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel... yeah Solana's nice, too.

    Collectively, New York women are so much more attractive.
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  5. this thread is about SD not OC

    big difference there dude.....OC has plastic surgeons in strip malls
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    I used to live in La Jolla, the richest part of San Diego, and it was great. Nice and clean, nothing ever happened. My car was always fine, never thought twice about leaving it in any area, and I was fine, walking at nights with my wife presented no problems.
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    I recentyly traded in South Beach, FL and loved living here for about a year, my honeymoon with the celeb infested island has now finished and I am very much looking forward to leaving. I have been to san diego many times and I am now planning on moving out there in Jan. Most of my friends live out there and have nothing but good to say about the place. Coming from South Beach, anywhere is more polite and civilized, I think socal people are great. Never had any probs out there. I am only 23 so, The party scene in PB couldnt be better for me. I have family and friends in Encinitas and I agree with the earlier post that it is the best place to live (outside of PB or if you can penny up for La Jolla). Great locale and very safe place. There are a few shops opening out there and I know of one very succeful trader based in La Jolla...If you dont mind an early wake up call, personally I dont think you can find a better place to trade from (other than vail or breckenridge during ski season)...
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  8. Ya might want to mention the temp diff in summertime.

    It cooks in the inland areas such as La Mesa. MUCH cooler near the beach.

    If ya like heat, I agree, its a great area.
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    I imagine nights in the winter when it gets quite cold inland are a bit warmer near the beach also.

    Let me ask. On a typical winter/early spring afternoon what are the temperature differentials between La Jolla and inland? Is it rare for beach temps to reach the 70's? Are there many days with highs only in the 50's? Marine layer lasts how far into the day?
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  10. I have multiple friends that live in PB. I go out there at least twice a year. My friends have had there cars broken into on several occasions.
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