Need help with San Diego area

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    Like the thread.... was wondering if anyone knew of any shops in/around the San Diego area...futures in particular....
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    I've lived in PB for 3 years in a crappy little appartment near the beach. Despite being an old building, and also being about the cheapest place to live in all of PB within 5 blocks of the beach, I don't see any roaches or mice. Occasionally if I leave the screen to the backdoor open at night a roach crawls in. If I leave out crumbs on my kitchen counter there will be ants everywhere in a few days though. Ants seem to be a problem for other people I've known around here.

    As for crime, I can say though "Yes it is definately ok to rent in PB, or La Jolla UTC". There is no crime to speak of in these places. I don't even close my windows or lock my back door most of the time I like to leave them open to allow the breeze to flow through. Also, I park my car in a quite alley, and often forget to lock the door and remove my stereo face on my fairly expensive car's never been broken into. The main problem with PB is all of the drunk college kids. (I must be getting old!)

    If you can find an affordable place Anywhere in North County (including UTC) you should probably look around there. It will save your wife a lot of time on her commute I think, and all of the north county communities seem to be fairly nice places to live as far as I can tell.
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  3. It is a huge car theft capital. PB is loaded with break ins. I would stay away. If she is working in Solana Beach, I would consider Encinitas. It is probably the safest area in San Diego County. I am just fed up with it out here. I truly am. The people are just so
    shallow and could care less about you. I am used to the Midwest where neighbors help neighbors and everyone gets to know you. There is lots to do here
    and it is a great place for awhile but after you do all the fun stuff, you miss the deep connections. The traffic is miserable. The weather is great. The beaches are nice. I think it is a great place to visit, a rough place to live.
    Good luck to you though.

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  4. okey i live in north s.d. county and im shallow. whats your point?:D
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  5. It gets old. People have to realize that there is more to life than trying to one up the other guy.

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    ALWAYS try to stay private! Triple emphasis. Especially where you are. There's a lot of specs who're panicky about renting out places. Those guys can't afford to let a place sit vacant three months. Don't be afraid to low ball 'em. I rented a couple of condos in Chicago back in the 90's and the owners were following up my visit with phone calls. Like car salesmen. Communities with hundreds of apartments aren't going to miss a mortgage because of a few empty places. You'll never catch a developer off the market but every now and then a PP doesn't realize what a expensive rental they're sitting on. After all with a fair amount of searching you know the true market better than they.
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  7. The people here are either pot smoking surfer hippies, or yuppies, playing one up 24/7. Lots of shallow image driven people around here. Everyone lives in a gym and thinks they are gods gift to everyone else. Good thing you are bringing your own woman :D
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  8. Isn't that the truth. If you are a single guy forget it. Even the ugly women think they are due a Prince.

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  9. I've had multiple trips to both LA and SD. Yes, you had better be prepared to increase your "keeping-up-with-the-Jonses" activities. Budget 3 more hours every day to this activity.

    And chrome those hubcaps now, so you don't roll into town looking like a fool.
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  10. haha... .

    thanks for all the responses :)

    Looks like I am in for some trouble when I get to SD :)

    RE: The ONE-UP game ...

    Does the visitor get to go first or do I let the other guy show off then come back with something better? amazing

    Seems to me though, wherever I have lived be it NYC, Aventura, Miami,Austin, everyone is trying to show off and prove they are better than you. Best thing I have learned is to just laugh and ignore it. So far it's been working.

    Thanks again everyone for the great help :)
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