Need help with quotes retriever

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ron2368, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. ron2368


    I still use Supercharts software and with it a program called Stock Quotes Express, to download daily internet data. The program is still being sold but there is no support and the website is essentially dead.

    I have installed SQE on a new drive . When I purchased it I got a little file called regkey that put in a registry entry and activated the software.

    I am using the same OS xp pro, but the regkey will not activate. I cant open up the key to see what its doing and my pc knowledge is minimal. I would like to continue using this SQE if I can get this key to work( can't so far).

    If there is someone that knows this stuff and can give me some help to get it to work with the key I would appreciate it.
    Last choice is suggestion of an alternate. I have tried a few I found on a search and they are a mess, not nearly as easy to use. thank you.