Need HELP with question about PDT rules

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dumtom, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. dumtom


    If I open a non PDT trading account can I still short stocks? Also wondering how many day trades I can make in a week/month without violating the PDT rules. Sorry if this seems like a simple question. I jut keep getting different answers when I ask elsewhere.
  2. Yes you can open a non PDT account and short,

    The margin requirements will be the same as any other account but you only get 4:1 buying power with 25k or more. As far as what PDT is , I know that different firms have different rules but the basic rule is 3 roundtrip (buy and sell in the same day) trades in a five business day span.
  3. dumtom


    Thanks for the help. Not sure if you know this or not but if I don't make more than 3 trips in five days but all are day trades will I still be considered a PDT?
  4. 4 round trips (which are all day trades) in 5 days will get you a PDT margin call, unless your broker's software automatically restricts you from initiating your 4th RT in under 5 days, as is with IB.

    overnighters don't count. period.

    if you get the margin call, you will be restricted to cash (means you have to wait 3days for transactions to settle, and have no margin at all) for (i think) 90 days.

    write an e mail to SEC telling them to stay out of your business. gordon has the address...
  5. Dum/bung

    The rules are open to interpretation by the individual clearing house or firm..some firms are 3 round trips, some are 4 and I do know of one particular firm that doesn't care how many you do!, although I won't say who. As far as writing the SEC, It's a little late for that. Once these rules go into effect it's very hard to get them to revert back. look at the uptick rule? That is so old and antiquated, but they still have it .
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    Anyone knows if PDT applies or will be applied on the SSF ?