Need help with NinjaTrader chart. Can someone assist?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by johnstac, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I'm new to Ninja Trader. I opened a new chart and selected the ES 9-12 and I think it defaulted to the daily. Not sure. Anyways, I wanted to change it to the 2000 tick chart so I began typing "2000T" in the open area. That worked fine and now it does indicate up top that I'm looking at the 2000T but all I have is white space. I take that back. It shows one vertical bar on the very right with an increment of 1396.75 to 1397. When I try to grab and bring the increments closer together to display more, I do see more increments but I just have the one vertical bar and no history. Anyone?
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    Try right clicking on your chart, open up data series and set "Type" to tick and "value" to 2000. Then on the same menu, go down to "Data" and make sure that you are loading history based on x number of bars or x number of days. The data should refresh correctly.
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    I did check those things you mentioned. It already stated Type: Tick, Value: 2000, Price based on: Last, Data based on: Days, Days to load: 3. Pretty much everything was there based on default as I have not changed anything. Still, I just see this one vertical candlestick that goes up and down, I guess based on price but nothing to the left of it. If I change it to a 5 minute, 3 minute or any of the regular menu items, it shows everything. I'm trying to use this 2000T based on someone whos stuff I am trying to learn from. Just can't get it to display correctly.
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    Maybe you guys can try just opening a new chart with the ES and then type in "2000T" (without parenthesis) and tell me what you see. Is the entire chart there or just one bar? What do you do after that to see everything?

    Edit: Oh and one more thing. It might have something to do with the horizontal because there is now way for me to drag the bottom. It just has that gray slider but it takes up the entire bottom and doesn't more. I was messing with the chart and in that 1 vertical candlestick I did see the trades that I had made the day before. It's like it's squishing all of the data into one vertical like.
  5. What data feed are you connecting to? If your feed does not support historical tick data, you won't get a chart to fill up. I strongly urge you to post at the Ninjatrader forum, they have incredible support for lightning fast responses 99% of the time.
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    In fact, that is just what I did and they did respond and once I told them I was using IB they replied and told me that I would not be able to get any historical data. Strange though because the other charts work. Thanks.
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    Good point, maybe try a range chart as well. If that doesn't fill, most likely your feed.

    Edit: Just saw you're using IB so unfortunately no tick data. I believe you can begin recording your data as historical by enabling that option though. (Others please correct me if I'm mistaken, don't have NT access right now to confirm that)
  8. Menu/New/Chart: in the Data menu, Session template: Default 24/7
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    As per jo0477, you can enable saving real-time data to your local database that can be used for driving historical charts by setting the property "Save chart data as historical"

    More information -

    Keep in mind that if you are disconnected, you will have a gap in your chart. Alternatively, if you require true unfiltered historical tick data, we would recommend market data service.