Need help with IB data..

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  1. sometimes It loses connection

    now I am using tick chart

    but I can not backfill the data from IB

    becoz IB data is not real tick by tick data
  2. and there is few company offering asian market data

    so I have not much room to select
  3. IB doesn't lose the connection.

    Its extremely rare for IB not to be on line and available. Its very common for customers to lose internet connectivity.
  4. Yes, IB's data and platform is the best, while the commission might be not as good as before.
  5. is there anytool which can reconnect the IB tws when I lost connection?
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    What do you mean? IB TWS can reconnect automatically when you lose connection. I am also located in Shanghai, I have no connection problem with IB. Please check you network and computer setup.

    BTW, if you trade on tick data, better use esignal, but then it is not as fast as IB. Tough choice.

  7. maybe the problem of net work
  8. Its actually not bad for ticks. The maximum tick rate is 5 per second so its not often a market is much faster than that and given that the value of tick charts is to spread out the action when alot of action is happening it still works well. Typically a 70% of esignal approach gives a similar look and tradability.
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    One thing is for sure, sometimes the backfill stalls... specially when you need it like right now (8:03am)...
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