Need help with DOS "COPY" command...

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    I have seen it done many times before, and the last time I think I used it was junior high computer lab on a TRS-80 (trash 80)....

    I need to copy fonts to a desktop folder and email them.

    What is the syntax for this command? Thank in advance! :)
  2. Very simple

    When you are in the directory of the file you need to copy.

    Copy <FileName> <Target>

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    like this?

    copy myfont.ttf c:\myfolder
  4. Correct.

    To copy all fonts from the windows fonts folder to your desktop under Windows98, it would be:

    copy c:\windows\fonts\*.* c:\windows\desktop
    You might have to tweak it a little to get the fonts you need in the right place but that is the basic idea.

    Under different OS's, the folders are slightly different.

    Good luck.


    Thanks for the quick responses and help. 1/2 hour scanning the web with no clear on Elite get the answers in few minutes. Got it working !!:)
  6. You're welcome.

    Come again :)

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  7. shyhh


    You can usually find help try typing /? after the dos command. Like,

    Copy /?
  8. ..LOL...this brought back some old my "cutting edge" Commadore 64 (which I still have btw)...nice memories...

  9. Wanna swap it for my VIC-20? :D