Need help with Dishwasher!!!

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  1. Totally off topic... some of you may get a kick out of this though.

    Does anyone know about dishwashers? Can I take it apart, clean it and put it back together in 2-3 hours?

    My fiancee has been away all weekend and I ran some car/motorcycle parts through the dishwasher (works REALLY well to clean them) but I forgot to scoop all the grease out of a part prior to running - the inside of the dishwasher is totally f'd up.

    Anyone ever work on these things? I've cleaned off the trays with simple green, I wnat to take apart the drain and washer parts and clean them - is this hard?

    Is there anything else other than engine degreaser that I could spray in there to clean it up?

    Thx for any replies!!!
  2. You probably want to find the vent filter and clean it out. On mine it is a little chrome tibe that sits next to the sink. Rather than tear it down, I would soak the inside of it with dishwasher detergent and run it repeatedly until it looked clean. Caution: donpt use regular household detergent unless you want to clean the floor as well.
  3. what can I run through it? the parts are now clean - should I just keep it full and continue to run the same parts through knowing they can only get cleaner but then it won't blow up the dishwasher by running it empty?

    Thx for the reply. Was ready to tear the thing out from the counter
  4. Fill it full of kerosene and then wash and rinse several time. You're welcome.:D
  5. first thing you need is a life :D
  6. If your running through your gargage disposal a way to clean that is by running ice cubes through it.
  7. how so buddy?
  8. Washing greasy car parts in a dishwasher isn't a very smart idea, health-wise, if you use the same dishwasher for dishes you eat from. Why expose yourself to heavy metals and carcinogenic chemicals that are in car part grime?
  9. in the grand scheme of things I never thought of that... I use old AVGAS (leaded gasoline) for parts cleaner mostly so running parts through the dishwasher is probably the least of my problems...

    Why expose myself to it - well its a VERY good way to clean up parts. I usually fill up a pail in the sink and wire brush off the heavy grime and then just dishwash to get the final sparkling clean.

    I have found a recipie from a Google search that seems to say it'll work... here goes nothing.
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    I'd take this advise and buy a new one.
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