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  1. I'm having a difficult time trying to set up a new daytrading computer system. I currently have a Dell Dimension XPS 300mz with a 19" monitor. I'm considering a Dell 8100 Pentium 4 with 256mb of RDRAM, 21" monitor and a 32mb video card. I also have Roadrunner cable modem.
    Here's what I want to do.
    - Use the Dell 8100 as my primary computer with dual monitors. I wanted to get a Matrox G450 dualhead card but after reading some info on a board I don't know if this will work. What dual video card would be appropriate? or should I just get another video card for the PCI slot and use the one that comes with the computer. And if I do that will I be able to use both monitors as one desktop?
    - I will use my XPS computer with another 19" monitor as a second computer to run chat rooms, etc.
    - The 8100 comes with WindowsME. I'm currently using 98first edition. I assume I should have the 8100 use the W2000 OS. Right?
    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    G450 from Matrox will do just fine with two monitors, I have g400 and W2000 OS, have not had any problems.
  3. Windows2000 is a lot more stable, but the drawback is it is extremely picky about software/hardware. It didn't like my video card so I had to replace it

    Robert Tharp
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    I'm running a new Dell 1 ghz., PIII with dual monitors. The Dell came with a NVIDIA TNT2 AGP video card. I added another NVIDIA TNT2 PCI card for $80. It works great and doesn't cost as much as a dual-head card. I would recommend running Win '2000 as it much more robust than Win '98 (I haven't used ME though). Keep in mind that Win '98 and '2000 have different requirements for the video card's chipset. They have to be a certain model. You can verify the requirements by selecting [Start] then [Help] on the desktop. Search for multiple monitors and click on the link that tells you what chipsets are supported for that particular OS. Good Luck-
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