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    I am doing a work for class and I need some graphs/charts from the Bloomberg Software. I have it done by Monday so right now I do not have access to the software. I managed to get some graphs but I need more.
    This is an example of a graph I made:
    I need to make them comparing two or more economic indicators/indexes, normalized , and with white background... Also, ten years normally.

    I need:
    ·PCE (personal consumption expenditures) vs EUR0/DOLLAR pair
    ·Average hourly earning vs cpi/inflation
    ·Average hourly earning vs production cost
    ·Employment Cost Index (ECL) vs CPI vs productivity
    ·Disposable Personal Income vs PCE

    I need them or just similars that are somehow correlated. I need to find relations with PCE, ECL and DPI mainly.

    I also don´t know the tickers...

    It doesn´t take long to get them but I don´t have the software. Can any of you help me with that?
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  5. lookin at 2-3 ud think cpi & ppi are exactly same but they do differ
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    for productivty taken OECDs total labour prod.
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    all above normalised to 100 @ 31-12-2002
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