Need Help. Traing plattform. Best is good enough

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kezzel, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. kezzel



    i am a foreigner from Europe and need your help from prof. Daytraders.

    I am a Daytrader since many years here in Europe and now wanna trade USA Stocks. I just need to coplet my system. I search for all the prof. Stuff. Great broker(Fast,cheap,stabil system) i search for a RT System for my datafeed(Esignal? qcharts? realtick?) I seach for a program thats realtime scanning the market, thats deliver me intradaycharts(tick by tick) and historical charts in a second(1 month,6 month,1 year).

    Money doesnt matter. I know if i trade like a prof. it cost something. Afte reading all the boards here, i am still confused.

    IB ist cheap and fast, but have no cap for Us-trading? For shares above 3000 it is very expensive.

    I hear a lot good things about Wealth-lab. But this programm is a stand alone and needs a datafeed right?

    It is nice, if you telling me, what you use for prof. Trading.

    Many thanks and best regaards