Need help regarding how to show in Another monitor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by philipatt, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Help needed please
    Ok i have a Laptop. and i connected another Monitor to it.

    Now i dont know how can i put few things in another monitor and few things shown in Laptop Monitor?

    When i right click in Main Screen of Laptop monitor, i see Graphic Options and stuff.
    Aint getting , how to move things , like charts and such in another Monitor

    Please Advice
  2. jho


    Are you right clicking the greyed out monitor and selecting "Enable"?
  3. OK i found what was the problem..

    So people use 4-5 Screens for what main purpose.. if someone tend to share.

    1 Screen for All Charts?
    Another one for news?
    Another one for trading?

    Or how do u do??
  4. 4,5, or even ten screens all for charts mostly. If you are day trading, you do not want to flip back and forth from page to page. You want everything there in front of you. The more monitors you have, the more markets you can follow in real time. There is a limit to this however. 6 monitors is about all I can keep track of.

    if you just trade one market, like many people here who only trade ES, you still may want multiple monitors as other markets have an effect also such as the dollar, crude, bonds, etc.