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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AMAT, Aug 28, 2008.

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    can someone tell me whether i can plug a pcieX16 card into a pciex1 slot in the motherboard please. tigerdirect guy told me that I can't. i am not sure if he is right because nvidia pciex1 card is hard to find all i can find is x16 cards so I come here to ask.

  2. No, you cannot. Physically won't fit. You can plug an x1 into an x16 slot, however.
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    thanks Gnome.

    I find from nvidia's website they listed NVS 290 as both interfaces(x16,x1) so i guess from the same NVS290 it has two version of it, right?
  4. Correct, but 290x1 cards are sparsely available.
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    Can you kindly recommend some nvidia pcieX1 card please. I am thinking three cards to support 6 monitors. I am considering INTEL p35 board which has only 1 pciex16 and 3 pcie slots
  6. The Nvidia choices are:

    1. NVS 440 Quadhead, PCIEx16 and PCIEx1.

    2. NVS 290 Dualhead, x16 and x1

    3. NVS 285 Dualhead, x16 and x1

    4. NVS 280 Dualhead PCI... this one supports 1600x1200 DVI max, while the others support up to 1920x1200 DVI max. If your monitors are the commonly available, 22", SXGA, you'll want to use the others and not the 280 PCI.

    All of the x1 cards are in much shorter supply.
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    Thanks Gnome, wish you have a good day so far. i was too chicken at 8.30 news to take long position of er2(afraid of two different market moving news at the same time) now probably I won't have a chance to get in long.