Need help on understanding X-Trader and Futures

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by elnico, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. elnico


    Hello everyone I currently had to move out of day trading because my equity was too low and my only option now are futures. I currently have the X-Trader platform available as a simulator but I really have no experience in futures or using this platform any help on how i should get started
  2. X-Trader simulator much slower than live acct speed. Found out the hard way :(
  3. moarla


    x-trader is not worth the money
  4. elnico


    it is being provided for free and my main interest right now is learnign how to use futures and how to use the platform so any help on either of these would truly be appreciated
  5. elnico


    to make my questions more specific what are the main quotes i should trade (i want to start with s&p e-mini but i cant even find it) and how do you approach futures to make profitable trades and what kind of techniques should i use??