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Discussion in 'Programming' started by Mirzy, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Mirzy


    So I have this trading system of mine. It is not automated or an algorithm. I look at a group of about 20 stocks by eye and make my calls at the beginning of the week as to when I will enter/exit and where my stop will be when it hits a certain price at a certain amount of volume. It is getting to be very accurate but looking at all of these stocks at the same time is very challenging. Yes, I could set alerts on my platform for it to tell me when the price hits but I would be able to do so much more if it was automated.

    Another reason I would like to automate it is that whenever I get an alert for one of these stocks, I need to assess whether it is likely to go the way I planned. Based on volume and price action around the entry point mostly. I would love to automate this process.

    Is there anyone here that would be interested in working on something like that together or is there a program that maybe does this already? Where I could set my entry/exit, stop-loss, and at what type of volume action I want to buy in?

    Thanks in advance for any tips you can give me about this.
  2. MTRIG


    If you do not want to write code take a look at StockFinder.

    If you are interested in learning to write some code take a look at AmiBroker or NinjaTrader as another person mentioned.

    I have used AmiBroker for many years and what you are looking for is not tough to write, you can pull samples from AmiBroker online library, or even log into the AmiBroker Yahoo! group state your question and most likely someone (probably the owner Thomas) will post the code.
  3. hdquant


    I perform similar automation with Excel. If your data has a DDE link, its not too difficult to setup. It all depends on how robust your data is and if it has some kind of API. How are you currently receiving quotes?
  4. many brokerage platforms offer a spreadsheet interface, which sounds like it is close to what you want.