Need help, mouse going crazy

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  1. I am using regular mouse for my laptop, and although it worked fine for some time, lately the arrow on the screen just starts moving on its own -up down left right, even though I'm not touching the mouse. Also when I want to click somewhere the arrow doesn't listen to me it just disappears in the corner of the screen.

    Do I need to buy mouse specially designed for laptops? Or is this some other kind of problem.
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    try clean out the dust inside the track ball underneath.
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    I'd go easy on drugs.
  4. Do you expect someone to tell you that your laptop is haunted?
  5. I've had this happen even on new desktops and new mice. Microsoft's mice have always performed better for me. Hard to say what the cause might be but it's often related to incompatibilities with the video card. Just get a different mouse or exchange from 1 system to another if they're not the same.

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    that happen when mouse sensor guide went bad, at best open the mouse and just clean out the dust, at worse some wheel/arm thingy had broken. You can try a new mouse and see how it go.
    ps. I one had a mouse only go in one direction, it was tough to do trailing stop when market go in wrong mouse direction.:D
  7. Thank you everybody, I'll try cleaning first.
  8. Try cleaning the white roller wheels with rubbing alcohol and blast the inside out with compressed air. Also clean the rubber ball with rubbing alcohol. Should work good as new.
  9. Your mouse us haunted...
  10. Is this thread for Real!?

    Cleaning the rollers... LOL!

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