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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vinigar, May 10, 2004.

  1. vinigar


    MY charts started to look like scribble lines a few days ago...I did a check with PC doctor. The results was that the processor failed the math test and or numeric test. Everything runs fine on my computer with the exception of my charts.

    I have a pentium 4 3.06ghz...I think that if I buy and replace will take care of the problem. Am I right?

    I have taken it out and replaced it (Fan, Heat Sink and Chip) Just to see what I could learn...everything still works the same.

    Now I am not a computer whiz...I know just enough to get myself into trouble...but I am not bashful about pulling it out and replacing it.

    Should I scrap the computer? or replace the chip.

    Please and Thanks.
  2. Luto


    Check the tests against some other tests. Could be a false positive.

    If there is a problem, could be heat related. Often things go random when heat is an issue.

  3. You should do a RAM/memory test ..
    That is normally the culprit in corruption of normal running PC environment. I forgot where the program was - but check the usual suspects like, tucows etc ...

    It's normally not your CPU which is faulty in cases like this.
  4. nitro


    No way.

    Something else is wrong. If you are basing this based on your charts, I would look at your video card and in particular it's driver.

  5. dchang0


    If you've replaced the chip, fan and heatsink with a brand new one and still have the problem, then you probably are having trouble with some other component (perhaps the supporting chipset on the motherboard). I suggest that you take the processor you have and plug it into a different system entirely to see if it still misbehaves. If it doesn't you know for sure that your old system's motherboard is messed up.

    I don't see a need for you to upgrade the processor until after you have done the test to make sure the rest of your system is okay and that only the processor is to blame.
  6. if it filed math test & numeric test, your computer shouldn't boot in the first place.

    ill pay you $20 for shipping that processor to me after you replace it.


  7. vinigar


    I have not replaced the chip. I have used PC doctor to test the following:

    CPU.....good with the exception of failing the numeric math test..which it failed.
  8. vinigar


    I do have another computer to use....but that has an AMD chip in it...I was thinking of your idea...about plugging it into the other computer...just don't know if I can do that or not...are the sockets the same?
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