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    Hi all,

    I am going to start my career in trading after few months......... and I would be working in commodity futures thus I would like to know about some links to ebooks which are available for downloads for free........

    All experience trader please suggest something..........

  2. Don't be cheap. Spend the money and buy real books. If you buy good books, you'll want to reread them over and over.
  3. Very good advice.

  4. I'll mention the other just as important stuff.

    * Have two brokers and use one for backup.

    * Have two realtime data providers and use the cheapest one you can find as backup only.

    * Have two computer systems and use one for backup.

    * Have two ISP (T21, cable, dsl, dialup or any combo) and use one for backup.

    * Find traders that live in your area to ask for help when having trading problems (in person help).

    * Get a tax accountant.

    * Exercise and eat well-balanced meals.

    All the above will have impact on your bottom line (losses or profits) more than you can imagine.

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  5. I hope you are prepared to lose all your money. You are going to be in for a rude awakening. No book is going to help you escape this. I hope you are not planning on becoming a day trader or a scalper because then your chances of suceeding are probably 1 in 100, if not even less. Especially if you plan on using books as your main learning tool. None of the books will tell you how hard it actually is to trade futures. Most of the books you will read are going to B.S, why would these expert traders give the masses there edge if they were already succesful traders? Why do none of these expert trading authors put there tax returns and brokerage statements in there books? Do you really think a few 30 dollar e-books are going to unlock the path of trading riches? If they did there would be a lot more succesful futures traders out there living the high life off there magic "technical indicaters." My advice is to raise $150,000 and go trade on the floor of an exchange, and hopefully you can find a mentor who you know is sucessful because he has been on the floor for 15 years. Or go to a great college work hard, and get a job at Goldman Sachs, and maybe you will get to trade after being pissed on for a few years.
    Good Luck on your journey.
  6. ebooks


    Signup to your public library

    Get a library card .
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    Dude, you are bitter aren't you? You just can't make any money.
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    <b>Thanks to all of you ..... sorry I expected some good advice ....
    now i realize this forum is full of people who just don;t even want to help other...what i asked is just something to read understand all the terminology of the market ...especially in trading business .........
    and to don't worry I am not being cheap coz as I told u in my previous mail that I am starting my career ...... after few months and right now I am still a college grad........ and I will be given all the required book to read up and also practical training of the actual market..... but all I just wanted is to start learning about all the required stuffs in advance thus I can save some time and concentrate better in my learning....................

    But I am really disappointed that no one is bother to at least look at the actual problem ..... and helping ... rather than just supporting the worst ever statement <font color="red" size =3>"DON'T B CHEAP"</font>........

    no comments .......
  9. I don't trade futures, but I have a few Bookmarks on the subject. I hope you find them useful. Perhaps, a more experienced futures trader could provide you with a better starting point.




    One of Many Brokerage Houses:

    Dictionary and Tutorials:

    Unknown, but I've had it a while:

    Good trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
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    though originally pointed towards your request for free material, newbunch's advice is very appropriate: Don't be cheap.

    trading is a business, like any other business, that requires education and effort. you wouldn't expect much from a doctor who 'picked up' a degree for free by email and has a practice in a cardboard shack in some alley, so why would you want to set yourself up to be that way in trading?

    there is a lot you can learn about the business for free ... with some effort. google. cme. cbot. this site has a search feature. to not use those resources, is cheap. it's not doing your homework and putting forth the effort.

    invest in your business and your education. invest time, desire, capital, innovation, passion, effort, energy, discipline, and anything else that may help you succeed in this, or any other, business.

    take care :)

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