need help in setting up trading software

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    hey guys
    well i am from india ,where the trading stuff is pretty simlified(not much options).The broker software provides the chartig and trading interface. so i get my quotes and enter my order in one software itself and see the charts too.

    I would want to trade futures using Interactive brokers.
    Looking at all the software around i am getting confused.
    So i have a few questions.

    1. what is the trading setup of most guys?
    for example i see lots of guys writing Quote Tracker and IB data feed.

    2. so which software allows u to enter orders in Quote Tracker + Ib data feed combo?

    3. does datafeed mean only data is supplied or orders are also placed through it. eg IB

    4. Another example sierra charts , does it provide only charts and i have to trade using the IB TWS software OR i trade using the charting software.

    5. lastly in some setups i see :
    Ninja trader + IB tws + sierra charts .
    Why are we using ninja and which place in the three software i actually hit the buy/sell button.

    Thanks in advance guys (cos i know pretty naive questions)
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    thanks a lot easyrider.
    Though i have one more question

    which brokers can i open an account with less than $2000 for futures?
  4. I don't think you can trade with less than $2K @IB. I believe you can open an account and get their datafeed for about $500 deposit and $10 per month for datafeed to trade a demo account until you get enough capital. But you need over $2000 to open a trade at IB.

    QuoteTracker is a charting program that's free and will use IB's datafeed. Those two are a pretty good combo if they suit your needs but you're going to need more capital to trade regardless of where you open your account.