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  1. I am interested in trading and have been investing for a while though not successfully. I am currently in IT and do want to become ultimately a full time stock trader.

    I got an offer to join a very reputed investment research firm A as a software developer, initial work is not related to stock research, but later on I may be involved in their research department. They did tell me that this is the right place to learn about stock investing. This is a lateral move for me and I was planning to take it just because they are investment firm and I thought I might learn there and be able to invest my self successfully. This place offer flexible hours but no telecommuting.

    Meanwhile I am getting another opportunity in travel industry which is 50% more money than this offer but nothing related to stocks. They will offer 1-2 days work from home also.

    I am not sure which one I should take. Please help. Do you think that working in a investment firm will help in becoming a good trader in the long run, they told me that I can attend their methodology training which are charged for $$$ to outsiders.
  2. My first reaction to your post made me laugh but trying not to be rude I can suggest that you get your mind together.

    If you are debating between a travel agency job and trading you definately dont have your goals set and you are all over the place. Dont get in to trading thinking you're gonna make the "big bucks" 'cause its not like that. Trading requires lots of sacrifice, discipline and learning to control your emotions. Figure out what type of trading you are interested in do your homework and then you may consider it or you may find out its not really what you want.

    Good luck!
  3. nitro


    Have you considered hairdressing? There is a thread about that on ET too.

    Maybe the guy that wants to hairdress and you can team up and work on the synergies between the businesses - I would call it Couiffeurs AirTravel.

  4. These "help me decide" posts get hell of annoying.
  5. You are either very close or not close at all to becoming a trader. A trading career is, in large part, a reaction against being the pawn of others. If you are even considering toiling in obscurity for some imbecile (your boss), then you have not reached the level of fedup-ed-ness that's required to take the plunge.

    In addition, truly good traders could never concieve of doing anything else. To a real trader, being a trader, is better than being President of the United States (to borrow a quote from Goodfellas). I know I feel this way.

    You strike me as one who is certainly not a born trader, but possible one who could become decent (if you were born one, you would not have even needed to post that). In that regard, becoming a trader is much like returning to the gym after a long bout of laziness: The first time you go you just mess around on the weights and your body reacts tentatively to it and you probably can't do much (this is when you blow your first account up). The second time you're a little better and you go back several time in a row and maybe even build some muscle (this would be the emotional control necessary to trade successfully), but you still are kinda outta shape. The third time you go back and this time you kick some ass (you are well-capitalized, even-keeled and prepared to make some real money)....

    Either take the plunge or don't, but the more waffling you do the more you need to question your decisiveness and whether or not you possess the emotional strength that's necessary to be a good trader.