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  1. I'm looking to practice my trading skills without using real money but I want to use software that simulates what happened during the market open hours so I can trade after I get home from work (after 6pm). Is there software that recreates what happened in the stock market (maybe just a few stocks) so I can try to day trade using technical analysis using fantasy money? not sure if this even exists but I need to practice and I can't do it during the hours of 9am to 4pm. I need to do it after I get home from work. If anyone has any suggestions it would be great! thanks in advanced.
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    Hello, we offer several solutions to our clients, and we're adding new ones all the time. Unfortunately, none of the products we offer have playback data available to use with a paper trading account. They all offer paper trading accounts...but it's usually with old data (several days or weeks old) or 15-min delayed data.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for.


    Greg Davis
  3. Ensign has a play back feature that is pretty good, also within the platform there is a sim account feature. I think you can play it back at normal speed or make it faster, i havent had ensign for awhile. I know it works really good for the futures like the ES, but i never tried it with stocks. If i remeber right you can choose which day you want to re play. Like today , yesterday 2 weeks ago ect....

    Its not free , but if you really want to learn i think it might be worth looking into.

    Hope this helps,

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    As tradergirl said I believe Ensign has the feature and a few others do as well.