need help from guys fluent in X_trader

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  1. I just got my login info from velocity today and I'm like.... OMG how do I use this crap??? I'm constantly worried I might destory my account by accidentally clicking the wrong button. How long did it take you guys to get fluent with X_trader? It's looking like hell to me so far :confused: :eek:
  2. I'm not trying to sound like a smart-ass, but try reading the user's manual. It's actually well written.

  3. Yeah, it's printing out as we speak, but at 15 pages a minutes, it's gonna take an hour or so
  4. Just read the PDF on screen. There are a lot of pages to skip.
  5. you're printing out a manual?

    Hope you're not paying for the printer/paper/toner/ink.
  6. it's still printing.... :(
  7. it may be smart to use the simulator for awhile!

  8. I am afraid I might accidentally log onto the wrong exchange. I'm even afraid to play on the simulator *embarased*

  9. haha===you cant accidently log into the wrong exhange--you preset all that prior to trading, you cant be serious, right??

    perhaps Jtrader or that PFG thing is more suited for you.

    surf:D :D
  10. I just have a very nervous start :p. first time dealing with futures, only traded stocks n options b4
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