Need help from an EasyLanguage programmer (paid gig)

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by fan27, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. fan27


    I am working on a service that will find profitable trading strategies and then convert them into EasyLanguage code. To finish my proof of concept, I need to make sure my strategies can be accurately coded in EasyLanguage. The code needs to work in MultiCharts and TradeStation.

    If you are an expert EasyLanguage programmer, PM me to discuss the project, payment, etc.

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  3. JSOP


    EasyLanguage is just what the name says, a language that is REALLY easy to learn. Trust me. You should just learn the language yourself and program your strategies. Much easier and more cost efficient that way.
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  4. fan27


    Makes more sense for me to pay someone to code one of my sample strategies for me in EasyLanguage where I can then use the code as a template. It is time prohibitive for someone to do all portions of a major software project (which is what I am undertaking).

  5. schweiz


    you can find examples of esay language indicators for free on internet. start from there and add, change or delete parts till you have what you need. i added some examples.
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    I posted a job on UpWork. Will report back how it goes.

  7. fan27


    I hired a guy from UpWork to do the job. He was able to get me to about 75% to where I needed to be. I figured the rest out on my own. My next step for my proof of concept is automatically generate EasyLanguage from my machine learning platform. Once that is done I will make what I have thus far available to those who are interested.